Glass Skull Storage Jar

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Get yours while you can! Limited production run. 


Keep a watchful eye on your expensive dried goods with a Hygrometer Lid Skull Jar. 

Now you can accurately* and easily see the humidity of any product you're storing. When used in conjunction with humidity control packages, keep your product fresh for extended periods of time.

The re-usable, one-piece lid eliminates the hassles associated with standard two piece Mason Jar lids. A Plastisol seal is permanently bonded to the underside of the lid and provides a far superior seal to that of any standard canning lid. It's also easier than lids that use totally separate seal rings

Package Includes

    • 1  Hygrometer Lid
    • 1  Glass Skull Mason Jar
      *Note: Not suitable for use with food canning 
        *Manufacturer states accuracy of (+/-) 2.5% RH